Older Americans

Under the right conditions, anyone could fall for a scam, but scammers are especially successful at targeting people with certain risk factors, like social isolation, loneliness, limited sight or mobility, and cognitive aging. Scammers are also attracted by the pensions and life savings of retirees. But there are many ways to help older Americans protect the nest eggs they’ve worked so hard to secure.






#5: Tech Support Scams

#5: Tech Support Scams

We're starting the countdown of the top 5 scams targeting older Americans. At #5 is tech support scams.

#5: Fraude de Servicios Técnicos

#5 Fraude de Servicios Técnicos

Comenzamos la cuenta regresiva de los 5 esquemas de fraude que victimizan a los estadounidenses de la tercera edad. En el #5 son los esquemas de fraude de servicios técnicos.

#4: Imposter Scams

#4: Imposter Scams

If someone from the IRS calls claiming you owe back taxes/fines & will be sued/arrested if you don't pay immediately, just hang up!

#4: Esquemas de Fraude de Impostores

#4: Esquemas de Fraude de Impostores

Si alguien te llama y dice ser del IRS y que debes impuestos/tarifas atrasadas y que te van a demandar/arrestar si no pagas de inmediato - ¡cuelga el teléfono!

#3: Romance Scams

#3: Romance Scams

Don't get taken in by slick scammers promising true love who will only leave you with an empty wallet.

#3: Esquema de Fraude de Romance

#3: Esquema de Fraude de Romance

No seas defraudo por estafadores que te prometen amor verdadero, pero que solo te dejaran con tu bolsillo vacío.

#2: Grandparents Scams

#2: Grandparents Scams

Fraudsters are calling grandparents telling them their grandchild is in trouble and needs cash ASAP… Don't fall for it

#2: Esquema Fraudulentos de los Abuelos

#2: Esquema Fraudulentos de los Abuelos

Los estafadores les llaman a los abuelos diciéndoles que su nieto/a tiene problemas y ocupa $$ inmediatamente… ¡No caigas en la estafa!

#1: Sweepstakes & Foreign Lottery Scams

#1 Sweepstakes & Foreign Lottery Scams

The flashy mailer says it all - you're the grand prize winner! Just pay a fee, and the $$ is yours. But, is it legit?


  • Consult with a friend


    Ask someone you trust for advice before making any large purchase or financial decision.


  • Review financial statements


    Go over credit card and bank statements to ensure that only authorized purchases are listed.


  • Register for Do Not Call


    Register for the Do Not Call list and only pick up the phone if you personally know the caller.


  • Never pay for a prize


    Remember that no legitimate lottery will ask for money to claim your prize.


  • Avoid free seminars


    Avoid free lunch or free dinner seminars where investment schemes and other phony offers are frequently promoted.


  • Don’t return unknown calls


    Be aware that people who have been scammed are at higher risk of being targeted again. Even just returning a scammer’s phone call can put you at risk, as scammers often sell the personal contact information of respondents to other scammers.


A strong connection to the community can help prevent fraud.


Justice begins with you. If you’ve encountered any scams targeting veterans or have been a victim yourself and the U.S. Mail® has been used in any way, we want to help. Please report the crime.