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Financial Fraud

Financial fraud is any crime that involves finances or illicitly gained funds. Financial fraud typically involves someone being scammed out of their money through theft or deceit.

Protect Yourself

Follow and share these tips to protect yourself and others against financial fraud.

  • Never share personal information

    Don’t give your financial information—Social Security number, credit card, or bank account numbers—to anyone you don’t know.

  • Sign credit cards immediately

    Sign new credit cards right when you get them—before someone else does. If you applied for a card and didn’t receive it when expected, call the financial institution.

  • Make sure companies are legitimate

    Never send money to any mailer, caller, or emailer unless you initiated the contact.

  • Check your credit report

    Monitor your credit report frequently.

  • Deposit mail close to pick-up time

    Deposit mail containing any personal financial information such as your bank account information or Social Security number in USPS® Blue Boxes as close to the pickup time as possible.

  • Check for website security

    Look for the security lock or https:// in your browser to ensure a website is secure.

Postal Inspectors investigated and prosecuted the first Ponzi scheme.


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Are you a victim or have you witnessed a mail-related crime? Alert Postal Inspectors to the problem and prevent others from being victimized.

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