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Identity Theft

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America.

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Financial Fraud

Postal Inspectors investigated and prosecuted the first Ponzi scheme.

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Mail Fraud

The Mail Fraud Statute was the country’s first consumer protection law.

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Fraude de correo

Cualquier fraude donde se utilice el correo de los Estados Unidos – si origina por correo, teléfono u online – es fraude de correo.

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Mail and Package Theft

From 2018-2023, Postal Inspectors arrested almost 9,000 suspects for theft of mail and packages.

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Suspicious Mail

During Fiscal Year 2018, Postal Inspectors responded to 2,555 incidents involving suspicious items, substances, powders, or liquids—no fatalities resulted.

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Older Americans

Dementia and other age-related brain impairments play a significant role in financial exploitation.

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Phishing is the most commonly used cyberattack.

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Child Safety

One in seven children, aged 10 to 17, have been sexually solicited or approached via the Internet.

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Report a Crime

Are you a victim or have you witnessed a mail-related crime? Alert Postal Inspectors to the problem and prevent others from being victimized.

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