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Child Safety

Child exploitation is the act of using a minor for personal or financial advantage. The Postal Inspection Service has long been recognized as a leading law enforcement agency in the battle to identify and arrest individuals who sexually exploit children. Postal Inspectors investigate the use of the mail to illegally transport child pornography or otherwise facilitate the sexual exploitation of children. Postal Inspectors work hard to prevent children from being exploited, but anyone can take steps to protect the young people in their lives.  

Protect Yourself

Follow and share these tips to protect yourself and your loved ones.

  • Report suspicious activity

    Report online activity even when you have a “gut feeling” that something doesn’t feel right.

  • Never share personal information

    Personal information such as an address, phone number, school name, information about friends, or email addresses should never be given to anyone online.

  • Use security software

    Use filtering or monitoring software for all of your home computers and devices.

  • Talk with your kids

    Parents and children should have open communication about online activities.

One in seven children, aged 10 to 17, has been sexually solicited or approached via the Internet.


Report a crime

Are you a victim or have you witnessed a mail-related crime? Alert Postal Inspectors to the problem and prevent others from being victimized.

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