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Fake USPS® Emails

USPS® and the Postal Inspection Service are aware of the circulation of fake emails/email scams claiming to be from USPS officials including the Postmaster General. Please know USPS officials would never reach out directly to consumers and ask for money or Personal Identifying Information (PII). Please read the information below to protect yourself from email scams and other kinds of consumer fraud. Click HERE to see an image of a fake email.

If you ever receive an email about a package delivery or unpaid online postage charges, be careful. Some postal customers are receiving bogus emails featuring the subject line, “Delivery Failure Notification.” These emails appear to be from the U.S. Postal Service® and include language regarding an unsuccessful attempt to deliver a package. The email will prompt you to confirm your personal delivery information by clicking a button or downloading an attachment, that, when opened, can activate a virus and steal information—such as your usernames, passwords, and financial account information. The Postal Inspection Service is working hard to stop these emails and protect your information.

Forward USPS-related spam emails to
If you receive an email about a package delivery failure, forward it to, then delete the email.

Report non-USPS spam emails to the Federal Trade Commission.

Beware of Identity Fraud: Phishing

Did you receive a luring email from the Postal Service about a package delivery? Does it contain a link to click? Don't take the bait! It's a phishing attempt to steal your personal information.

URGENT! Don't Fall for Phishing

Did you receive an urgent email that requires action? THINK before you CLICK! Don't put your personal information at risk. It's probably a phishing attempt.

Postal Service Email Scam PSA

Did you receive an email from the Postal Service about an attempted or intercepted package delivery? DON'T CLICK ON THE LINK! Check out the video for more info on what to do.

Postal Service Email Scam PSA-ES

¿Recibiste un correo electrónico del Servicio Postal sobre un intento o intercepción de una entrega de paquete? ¡No le hagas clic al enlace! Revisa el video para más información sobre qué hacer.

Delivery Failure (Spam)

Bogus emails about delivery failures trick customers into clicking links that contain viruses. Watch to learn more about how to spot spam emails.

Protect Yourself From Email Scams

  • Do not give out personal information over email

    Be aware that the U.S. Postal Service does not notify customers of package delivery attempts, or request personal information, via email.

  • Poor grammar indicates a fraudulent email

    Poor grammar and spelling errors are a good indication that the email is fraudulent.

  • Be wary of urgent emails

    If the email requests “immediate action,” it could be a scam.

  • Forward spam emails to

    If you receive an email about a package delivery failure, forward it to, then delete the email.

Have You Witnessed This Scam?

If you’ve encountered email scams and the U.S. Mail® has been used in any way, we want to help. Please report email fraud.

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