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Government Look-Alike Mail

Sometimes, official-looking packages and mailings aren’t official at all. Mailings like this often arrive in brown envelopes and look like they originated from a government agency, although they typically contain sweepstakes solicitations or requests for donations to political causes. Looks can be deceiving. Take time to always read the fine print before taking action when you receive mail that looks like it’s from the government.

Look Carefully (Government Look-Alike Scam)

Mail from a government sounding office could be not what it seems. Watch to learn more about government look-alike scams.

Check the Fine Print (Misleading Mailings/Gov't Look-Alike)

Misleading mailings trick small business owners into paying unnecessary fees. Watch to learn more.

Protect Yourself From Government Look-Alike Mail

  • Carefully read the entire mailing

    Carefully read the material inside the mailing to determine whether it is from a legitimate government agency.

  • Report unsolicited mailings

    If you have received an unsolicited government look-alike mailing, please send it to Criminal Investigations Service Center, Attn: Mail Fraud, 433 W. Harrison Street Room 3255, Chicago, IL 60699-3255.

Have You Witnessed This Scam?

If you’ve been affected by a fake government mail scam, we want to help. Please report the crime.

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