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Mailbox Vandalism

It may seem like fun to vandalize a mailbox or drop a firecracker into a blue USPS collection box, but it is actually a criminal act that affects your neighbors and your community. Mail cannot be delivered to a damaged mailbox, and mailboxes cost money to replace. Plus, the mail inside will be destroyed and that could be important documents, necessary medicine, or priceless family treasures. Mailboxes are protected by federal law and crimes against mailboxes (and the mail inside) are investigated by Postal Inspectors. Those who are convicted of destruction of federal property could spend up to three years in jail and be fined up to $250,000.

Fireworks and Mailboxes Don’t Mix-PSA

Protect Your Mail and Mailboxes

  • If you know of someone who committed an act of mailbox vandalism, report it to the Postal Inspectors.
  • If you see someone actively tampering with a mailbox, immediately report it to the police.
  • Talk to your children about the consequences of damaging mailboxes.

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If you’ve encountered this, please report the crime.

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