Our Investigation starts with your report

If you have witnessed or fallen victim to a crime, take action by finding the right form below. Or visit our Victim Help Resources page for additional tools and contacts.


What type of crime are you reporting?

Mail Fraud

Fraud related to the U.S. Mail™, including sweepstakes, lotteries, online auctions, and chain letters.


Mail Theft

To report suspected MAIL THEFT, click HERE
Or call USPIS:

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Counterfeit Stamps

Report information on counterfeit postage to PostageFraudReporting@uspis.gov.

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Scam Emails/Texts

Forward suspicious emails and texts to spam@uspis.gov, then delete.
If you receive a suspicious email or text about a package delivery failure, forward it to spam@uspis.gov, then delete the email.

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Identity Theft

Stolen personal identifying information that has or could lead to access to your financial accounts.



Crimes committed via the Internet or aided by computer devices by intruders seeking access and information to exploit or steal.


Child Exploitation

Offenses using a minor for personal or financial gain, including child pornography online and through the mail.


USPS Employees or Service

Contact the United States Postal Service® with comments about personnel, facilities, or services.

Contact USPS

Suspicious Mail

Mail bombs, dangerous chemicals, or any substance that may cause harm.

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You will be leaving USPIS.GOV and redirected to USPS.

  1. 1. You will arrive at USPS/Email Us.

  2. 2. To begin a report for ALL types of mail pieces, select the WHERE IS MY PACKAGE icon on the page.

  3. 3. A form will appear. Fill out the entire form and provide as much information as possible.

  4. 4. The information provided will generate a report.

Leave uspis.gov and begin report.


You will be leaving USPIS.GOV and redirected to USPS.

  1. Go to: https://emailus.usps.com/.(opens a new window)
  2. If you have a tracking number, enter it.
  3. No tracking number, click on Where is my mail?
  4. Answer: Was the mail piece destined for a U.S. address?
  5. Go to: What's the reason for your inquiry?
  6. Select: Daily Mail Delivery from the options.
  7. Select: Theft of Mail as the reason for your email.
  8. Provide as many details as possible.

Leave uspis.gov and begin report.