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Psychic Scam

Psychic scams deprive citizens of both money and emotional well-being. In these schemes, spiritual scammers with no psychic gifts set out to make a quick buck. They are good at telling people exactly what they want to hear. They promise to remove a bad luck curse, bring people great fortunes in their future, or even help them find their soulmate. People who buy into these scams are being taken on an emotional roller-coaster ride that continues to require more and more money to reach their desired outcome. Of course, they never do. If you’ve unwittingly participated in a scam, you are not alone. Psychics and spiritual mediums scam millions of people every year and can seriously affect the lives of Americans and their families.

Psychic Scam

Psychic scams can rob you of your money and your emotional well-being. Watch to learn more.

Protect Yourself From Psychic Fraud

  • Watch out for promises with fees

    Watch out for psychics who guarantee you good health, wealth, or fortune. These promises are commonly used scams which usually have a fee attached to them.

  • Never give out financial information

    Never give money or credit card or bank account information to anyone you do not know or trust.

  • Research the price of services

    Know who you’re dealing with. If you want to engage the services of a psychic, be sure you know the total cost of anything you order and exactly what you will receive.

  • Ask about hidden costs

    Ask if there are any conditions and ongoing or hidden costs.

  • Discuss with a friend

    Check with a trusted friend or loved one before engaging the services of a psychic or medium.

Have You Witnessed This Scam?

If you’ve been affected by a psychic scam and the U.S. Mail® has been used in any way, we want to help. Please report the crime.

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