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Mystery Shopper Scams

Have you been sent an invitation or a money order to become a mystery shopper? You could be the recipient of a mystery shopper scam. Scammers will often recruit “mystery shoppers” using a check or money order sent to your home. Then, they’ll request you return a certain amount of money back. Before you know it, the bank will declare the check or money order as counterfeit and you’ll be on the hook for any money withdrawn from your account or wired to scammers.

Shop, Survey, Send (Mystery Shopper)

Con artists send money orders or checks to victims they lure in online. Watch to learn more about mystery shopper scams.

Mystery Money (Secret Shopper Scam)

One man falls victim to a secret shopper scheme while trying to make some extra money. Watch to learn more.

Protect Yourself From Mystery Shopper Fraud

  • Research potential employers

    Research any potential employer. Sometimes a simple Internet search can reveal if a job offer is a scam.

  • Check the sender before depositing a check

    Know where your money comes from. Don’t deposit a check or money order if you don’t know the sender.

Have You Witnessed This Scam?

If you’ve been affected by a mystery shopper scam and the U.S. Mail® has been used in any way, we want to help. Please report the crime.

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