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Free Vacation and Travel Scams

If you get a letter or postcard giving away a complimentary vacation to an exotic destination, beware. Scammers often offer free vacations but require you to pay a service charge or buy a travel club membership. If you sign up, not only will you be out that fee, but the scammers will get your valuable credit card information. Most travelers who join these clubs or sign up for these deals never receive anything. If there is a trip, you’ll likely have to deal with restricted dates and more fees.

Vacation Spoiler (Travel Discount Scam)

Extremely discounted airline tickets and gas vouchers are not legitimate. Watch to learn more about vacation scams.

Winter Blues (Travel Scam)

Families across America were sold bogus travel packages, only to find out right before they were supposed to travel that the sales weren’t valid. Watch to learn more.

Protect Yourself From Vacation and Travel Scams

  • Book directly

    Book directly through the hotel, resort, or airline to guarantee you are getting what you pay for.

  • Never pay to redeem a prize

    Never share your credit card information to redeem a “free” prize.

Have You Witnessed This Scam?

If you’ve been affected by a travel scam and the U.S. Mail® has been used in any way, we want to help. Please report the crime.

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