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Fake USPIS Phone Calls

Postal Inspectors Will Never Ask You For Money

The scam works like this. You get a call from a “Postal Inspector,” likely from a number in a different area code. This fake inspector says they are investigating you and provide details about a “crime” you can be charged with. If questioned about the validity of the call, the scammer tells you to go to to look up the USPIS phone number. Then the scammer calls you back and your caller ID says “877-876-2455,” which matches the USPIS phone number. This is called “spoofing.” The scammer provides personal information regarding your financial records. Once the scammer has convinced you of their legitimacy, they explain the only way to keep your assets from being seized or forfeited in the investigation is to send them to a USPIS controlled account. The scammer provides instructions on how to withdraw money from your bank account and send it to the “Inspection Service” via cryptocurrency or other methods.

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service® does not call customers from the “877” phone number and never requests personally identifiable information or asks you to send money to resolve any issue no matter where the call originated.


  • Contact Postal Inspectors if you have questions

    If you received a call from a Postal Inspector asking for money or asking for personal information, call 1-877-876-2455 to confirm the legitimacy of the call.

  • Don't give out personal information or send money

    Never provide personal information during a phone call that you did not initiate; and never give money to someone you don’t know.

  • Report calls from fraudsters

    If you do receive such a call from someone pretending to be a Postal Inspector, record the number on your caller ID and call the Postal Inspection Service directly at 1-877-876-2455.


If you’ve encountered this, please report the crime.

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