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Debit Card Fraud

If anyone offers to pay you to use your debit card and bank account, just say no. Scammers who commit debit card fraud will often contact students via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media platforms and request to use a student’s debit card to deposit a check into the student’s account. Once the counterfeit check is deposited, the scammer withdraws all of the money and the student is left covering the amount of the check, as well as any overdraft fees.

Social media isn’t the only approach to a debit card fraud scheme. Victims are also approached at college campus parties. In fact, it’s estimated that college students represent at least 25 percent of the people who agree to let scammers use their debit cards and PINs.


Cracking the “Krackin Kards” Scheme

Young adults are prime targets for debit card scams. Watch to learn more about how to avoid being taken advantage of.

Protect Yourself From Debit Card Fraud and Card Cracking

  • Never share information

    Never share your debit card information or ATM PIN.

  • Keep debit cards close

    Keep your debit cards in your wallet or purse. Never relinquish control of this information.

Have You Witnessed This Scam?

If you’ve been affected by a debit card scam or card-cracking scheme and the U.S. Mail® has been used in any way, we want to help. Please report the crime.

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