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Counterfeit Stamps

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Are you looking online for a good deal on postage stamps? Is a substantial discount of up to fifty percent off an order of United States Forever® Stamps too good to pass up? If so, keep scrolling, they’re probably counterfeit. To ensure your trusted communication arrives at its destination without delay, the Postal Inspection Service wants you to be aware of–and avoid–phony postage.

The number of counterfeit stamps being sold from online platforms has escalated. Scammers peddle fake stamps on social media marketplaces, e-commerce sites via third party vendors, and other websites. Counterfeit stamps are often sold in bulk quantities at a significant discount–anywhere from 20 to 50 percent of their face value. That’s a tell-tale sign they’re bogus.

Purchasing stamps from a third-party wholesaler or online websites can be unpredictable. You have no way to verify whether they are genuine or not. The Postal Inspection Service recommends purchasing from Approved Postal Providers™. Approved vendors can include legitimate “big box” or warehouse retailers who do provide very small discounts on postage stamps, but this is through resale agreements with the Postal Service.

Learn more about stamps and where to safely buy them at USPS.

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USPS Fights Counterfeit Postage

USPS is fighting back against counterfeit postage. With new changes to the Domestic Mail Manual, items mailed with counterfeit postage will be considered abandoned and are subject to being opened and disposed of at the Postal Service's discretion. Make sure your postage is legitimate and always purchase from USPS or an authorized retailer.

Counterfeit Stamps

Don’t get stuck by counterfeit stamps.

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  • Did you know

    The most frequently encountered counterfeit stamp is the Flag Stamp.

  • Be wary

    of significant discounts.

  • Be certain

    you’re getting the real thing, purchase your stamps from the U.S. Postal Service at a location near you, or online at


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