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Check Fraud

Have you ever been asked to deposit a check or money order on behalf of someone else? Scammers use sophisticated software, commercial laser printers and scanners, and blank check stock to produce counterfeit checks. Scammers identify people looking for quick cash and offer the opportunity to make money simply by depositing some checks. You are told to deposit the check in your own account and send a portion of it to someone else. The rest you keep as your payment.  Once the cash is withdrawn and sent, you learn the check has bounced and that you are on the line for hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Be warned: Banks do not assume the losses in this case. You are responsible for the funds you deposit and withdraw from your account.

Counterfeit Checks (Counterfeit Check Scam)

Counterfeit checks can be difficult to identify. Watch to see how this college student was caught off guard.

Scanning the Goods (Mail Theft)

Counterfeit check scams can also target businesses. Watch to learn more about this sophisticated scheme.

Protect Yourself From Counterfeit Checks

  • Stop and think

    There is no legitimate reason why anyone would give you a check or money order and ask you to send cash in return.

  • Fake checks take weeks to discover

    Just because you can withdraw the cash quickly doesn’t mean the check is real. Fake checks can take weeks to discover.

  • Know who you're dealing with

    Don’t transfer or wire money for someone you don’t know. Once it’s gone, you will not get it back.

  • Fake checks are hard to spot

    Counterfeit checks and money orders are hard to spot. Many are close enough to look legitimate to consumers and even bank personnel.

  • Closely examine postal money orders

    When it comes to postal money orders, verify security features to assess authenticity. Look for watermarks of Benjamin Franklin, visible when held to the light, and a dark security thread that runs from top to bottom to the right of the watermark.

Have You Witnessed This Scam?

If you’ve been affected by check fraud or received a fraudulent check, we want to help. Please report the crime.

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