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Transnational Wildlife, Drug Trafficking Operation Dismantle...

Twelve people were federally indicted in Georgia for the alleged international trade of shark body parts, marijuana trafficking and money laundering. Two businesses in Florida and California were targeted in "Operation Apex." The suspects allegedly submitted phony documents and used fake businesses and several bank accounts to deposit cash from the ill-gotten proceeds of shark-fin, fish bladder and drug trafficking. The third-party business accounts dealt in gold, precious metals and jewels to hide the illegal activities. Search warrants were executed in Georgia, Florida, Michigan and California. The indictments were announced by the SDGA U.S. Attorney at a press event yesterday. Savannah Inspector Thomas Plumley was credited by the U.S. Attorney yesterday for participating in the investigation. A quote from Miami INC Gómez appeared in the WJCL (ABC, Hearst) online story.

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